Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rock Canyon Hiking Scouting

Tuesday afternoon I went up Rock Canyon to scout out some possible areas to solo on.

I went up to Tinker Toys but it was swarming with people (guess school's out now) and I didn't even get close to the wall.

I crossed the raging river (guess the snow's melting now) on the logs (which were dang slippery in running shoes) and checked out The Appendage (couple people loafing around on the bottom of the South Face - bouldering?) and got some great beta on a few I'll try this season.

Then I headed up toward The Wild. The sky got darker and darker. I got there and heard some loud obnoxious annoying screaming coming from The Zoo/Project areas (dang college kids - probably still in the subarus borrowed from their parents) but started looking for the bottom anchor placements on "Call of the Wild" when it started pouring.

I booked it down the trail, running with a 35lb pack - which wasn't so bad now that I'm down to 192 lb. (from my all-time high of 235 lb in 2006).

Oh, well, drat the weather and all. Maybe later...